Backyard Pavilion Structures

Ready to reinvent your backyard? Pavilions can be a perfect addition. Both stylish and sturdy, they can be a great gathering space for a family dinner as well as a large gathering. The main difference between a pergola and a pavilion is that a pavilion includes a metal roof that protects the homeowner from the sun and rain. Pavilions are widely used around pool areas.

Cap City Decks & Patios designs single-roof style pavilions that allow homeowners to escape the weather conditions or enjoy the evening breezes. Cap City can also add a side wall, ceiling fan or a screen to your pavilion design. All of our backyard pavilions are custom built and come in pressure-treated wood, cedar and vinyl materials. We will pull all permits associated with your pavilion and will contact your HOA to get approval for your project. We can discuss your design options and samples of our work when we visit your home for a free estimate.

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